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Make your own Cheese, yes you can!
21 Nov. 2017

Make your own Cheese, yes you can!

A husband and wife team, Pascale and Max, decided to build a company surrounding their undeniable love for cheese. Their brand, U MAIN, focuses on homemade cheese kits varying from ricotta to halloumi to mozzarella. Inspiration for their recipes is drawn from Max’s childhood in Mexico where his mother’s homemade queso blanco was a staple at […]

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The Revival of Ancient Japanese Dyeing
19 Nov. 2017

The Revival of Ancient Japanese Dyeing

You might not know the name but you have surely seen it around the block. Shibori is an ancient, yet trending form of Japanese dyeing. The process is known for its ink-like patterns and involves folding, compressing, stitching or twisting cloth, adding binders, then dipping it in indigo dye. Makers describe the process as an experiment; the hand-printed results often come as a surprise. Artists are drawn […]

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