Joy is within you

Yelizabet is a Cuban born artist, who inherited her father’s artistic abilities. She has always been passionate about drawing and painting.

Here’s how she summarizes her life and we love it: “The art world is my home, my wonderful safe place in life.”


Yelizabet chats with the Keenobby team about her inspirations and her passion for art:

When did you start painting?

I started to paint when I was a little girl beside my Father who was also an artist.

Why art? And what inspired the artist in you?

I choose the art world because it is my heaven on earth,  there is no limit to the imagination when creating perfection, beauty, love, truth and freedom through the tip of a brush.


The wonderment, detail, nuances and beauty that surround us inspire me to shape magnificent moments, visions and ideas into the canvas . My art work is a continuous progression in my exciting journey through Life.

What themes do you pursue?

Within My Canvas I embody all of my passion, my dreams, beliefs, desires, my thirst for life and unique perspective of the world. My paintings exude confidence, tenderness and convey plenty of attitude which also defines Me and are the themes that I pursue.

What do you like about your work?

What I love about my work is the freedom and peaceful sensation it provides me with. Every project takes me away from the fast pace of every day life. In my paintings I leave a history, a message, a part of me. My work is full of excitement and at times could be very challenging but I love bringing the canvas to life; it is so rewarding and fulfilling to pass this on to others.

What is an ideal experience for a first-time participant to your classes?

An Ideal experience for a first time participant to my class is a fun and relax way get them to create a beautiful piece of art beyond their expectations. To see that amazed expression on their faces at the end of the session when they cant believe how well they have done and what they are capable of it is my biggest Reward!


Want to paint with Yelizabet? Join one of her coming classes here: