Dear Moms, your kids love you!

     Mother’s Day Special: Tête-à-tête with a few of our expertainers. We’ve asked them to share their sweetest childhood memories. Discover touching stories, funny moments and lovely anecdotes. A pretty way to dedicate this weekend to the most important lady of their lives, their Mom!

We let you in their secret world…

francesca 2

Francesca: Picking flowers, Italian cooking and an unexpected career. 

Born is Rome, an animal lover and passionate about Italian food. A strong believer of the legend where Wine is considered a “youth potion.” Growing up she was often in the kitchen with her grandmother who was an avid cook, and a master in combing classic Italian and Arabic dishes. 

Can you share one of your best memories with your mother? I feel nostalgic when I think of the past and all the moments spent with my mom walking in the woods. We used to have a vacation house in the mountains, I was 8/10 years old. She taught me the art of picking flowers and make vases for the house. I remember looking for saffron flowers, literally pulling chicory from the ground, and picking wild berries. Tasting all those wild flavors, and then taking a full bag home to cook.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? I don’t have a special way to celebrate this day with my mom. We live far, she is in Italy, but when I have the chance to spend time with her I make sure to make it special because a mother’s day can be any day!

 How did your mom inspire you? Watching my mom getting older is always a new inspiration for my life. Since I was a child she showed me how to give love and care to others.


Eugene portrait

Eugene: Noodle soup, perseverance and special memories.

Brought Burmese cuisine to Brooklyn, a chef and restaurant owner. Eugene started cooking alongside his mom at a very young age, she taught him how to balonce flavors. Eugene has worked hard ever since to re-create the food from his chilhood at his restaurant maintaining the origins of Burmese food.

Can you share one of your best memories with your mother? One Christmas Eve, I was helping my mom cook and prep for Christmas Day. Christmas Day was a big holiday when we would have friends and family over starting from lunch till dinner. Cooking for Christmas was always a lot of work. Working late into the night, I was finishing up the last of my “assignment.” Unexpectedly my mom’s arms were wrapped around me in a comforting hug. Confused at the sudden showing of affection, I asked: “what was that for?” She pointed to the clock that read 12:00 am. “It’s your birthday!” She then proceeded in making me a bowl of the tastiest noodle soup from the different things we just cooked. That may be why to this day, noodles and soup are my favorite foods. It reminds me of mom.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? We don’t have a special way of celebrating Mother’s Day but whenever we’re together we make it special by spending our time cooking and talking.

How did your mom inspire you? My mom always got what she wanted. When she set her mind to something, she was always able to make it happen. Her tenacity encouraged me to go for whatever I wanted. Now I’ve got a wonderful partner and cutest dog ever (Chai), I live in the greatest city on Earth (NYC) and I realized my dream of serving Burmese food to everyone.

Here is a picture of my mom, sister and I.


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Anyelina: Baking, Skype and Gratitude

Can you share one of your best
memories with your mother? 
The best memories with my mother, were when we baked together. She used to make this pumpkin flan from scratch that was so delicious! I would pass her ingredients, help her beat the eggs and the best part I got to lick the bowl alongside my younger brother.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Unfortunately, my Mom lives in the Dominican Republic is really hard for me to celebrate Mother’s day, but thanks to the internet we video chat almost every day … and it makes the distance a little bearable. I wish I could have her with me every day!

How did your mom inspire you? Growing up my mom always meant a lot to me . My mom taught me many lessons with the wat she lived and continues to live . Even now that I am older she continues to inspire me by encouraging  me to follow my dreams .

Always be strong, especially in tough times when your true strength will be tested. By working hard , I don’t think anybody worked harder than my mom, she worked full time, managed to get a masters in education and took care of three kids .
She is always been there for me, unconditionally … without questioning, she has supported my ideas, dreams and goals. Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today; she has taught me how to respect people, give unconditionally, how to take care of my skin hair and how to dress. She is the reason I am the woman I am today.
I couldn’t have asked for a better mother … and for that I am grateful .
Te amo .


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