Tete-a-tete with the Fad Market founder – when passion overtakes everything!

Jen Bailey-2

Keenobby is very proud to be partnering soon with Fad Market for a pretty unique series of DIY workshops at the market in July and August 2017.  Fad Market is a roving Fashion, Art and Design pop-up marketplace that travels seasonally to unique venues in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn. Fad Market aims to create a thoughtfully curated platform for artists, designers and members of the public to meet, interact, and together, discover the art and culture within our community. We were lucky to meet with Ms. Jen Bailey, the passionate and busy founder of the Fad adventure!

Tell us about the history of the FAD Market: how did it get all started and what have been your milestones?

I first launched FAD Market in 2010 in the Lower East Side. I organized one pop-up market, representing 36 artists and designers in a retail space on Orchard Street. I had just returned to New York at that time after completing my Masters Degree in Art History and working for two years in London.

There were a lot of empty storefronts and I thought why not bring a group of artists and designers together.

Unexpectedly, while planning the market, I received a job offer from Sotheby’s for a position in the Chinese Works of Art department. It was a job offer I couldn’t turn down, as it had always been a career goal to work at an auction house.

I decided to leave FAD then and hopefully return to it one day. I gave myself five years and told myself to reevaluate my career path then. After five years, I decided that I still felt drawn to a more creative career so I decided to leave my full time employment. I officially re-launched FAD Market last year on May 1, with our first market at Issue Project Room, a contemporary art and performance space.

FullSizeRender-3Bringing to life our mission of supporting local makers and small businesses, and building a platform for the community to interact with artists up close has been a major milestone we’ve achieved in our first year.

As word of our market spread, we’ve also been featured in some incredible publications such as New York Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Time Out New York and that has been a wonderful milestone for us as well.

The makers’ movement keeps growing and growing over the years. From your experience at FAD, how do you explain this success and popularity?

I think there is a growing awareness and desire to support local small businesses and in this age of fast fashion, consumers are increasingly appreciative of unique products made with care and craftsmanship.

People are also getting to be more socially and environmentally conscious, and there is a heightened need to find out where things come from and how they are made.

What makes FAD so special? How you would define the “FAD touch”? 

FAD Market is a curated market.

We are always on the look out for original designer makers.We like to pop-up in unique venues and neighborhoods.

We make sure there isn’t too much overlap and there is plenty of diversity. We don’t want the market to be saturated in any category and we make sure that within one category the vendors are different from each other. We don’t want too much competition in the marketplace and we want to keep it interesting for the visitors. We try to keep things fresh. We rotate the lineup and make sure there are new things to see and do each time.

FAD and Keenobby are partnering for a series of DIY workshops at the Invisible Dog this summer. Why is Keenobby a good match for FAD? What do you expect from this partnership?  

I’m excited for this partnership. We both promote and support the creative community and provide an outlet for makers to share their craft and for New Yorkers to enjoy and appreciate the maker culture in our city.

I love that a number of the makers who have participated at FAD Market also teach workshops with Keenobby. I’m looking forward to seeing them teach their craft at FAD Market and for the community to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look and learn from them.

See full workshop program here: https://www.keenobby.com/fadmarket/

What’s your plan for FAD in the next couple of years? Any new development in the pipeline?

We will continue to nourish and build on what we’ve created to sustain longevity. We are also looking to expand to different neighborhoods so we can keep growing our community of makers and friends.


Support Fad Market and Keenobby and join us for an amazing crafty weekend in Brooklyn Heights on July 15 and 16: https://www.keenobby.com/fadmarket/

For more information about Fad Market and Jen, please visit the Fad Market website here: http://fadmarket.co