“With each new project comes a creative adventure”

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.09.57 PMMeet Anna, founder of Errant Hart. After studying and working in fashion design, Anna gravitated towards hand-embroidery and experimental surface design. Anna is now part of the Keenobby community and is sharing her love to combine techniques and materials in unexpected ways to create unique pieces for your walls or your wears. Just like us, Anna believes that “with each new project comes a creative adventure” and we love that!

We’ve asked her a few questions:

You literally nail tons of textile art techniques, from fashion drawing to embroidery, fabric dyeing and draping, silk marbling and more…How did you develop that passion?  Ever since I was a little kid, I was into art – the medium and subject matter shifted as my interests changed. Growing up, I painted cute animals, and once I got into my teenage years I fell in love with fashion.

“I saw fashion as a mode for me to bring art into everyday life”.

So when it came to going to college, it was a natural choice to study Textile and Apparel Design at the University of Wisconsin Madison. UW-Madison has a rich textile collection and a great range of textile classes. The introductory course rotated between print and dye, experimental surface design, and off-loom construction. This is when I fell in love with textiles and it has stuck with me ever since! The ability to transform a fabric by combining techniques never ceases to inspire me. Since my work is very process-oriented, the more techniques I know, the more ideas I can generate. The possibilities are literally infinite!

We particularly love your hand-embroidered paintings, there are stunning. How did you get inspired to combine these two techniques? I was brainstorming of how I could develop my own style, so I thought about what my favorite mediums are to work with – watercolor and hand embroidery.

“Then I had that aha! moment – what if I combine them? I made one piece to see if it worked, and then I couldn’t stop making more!”

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Are you exploring new combinations for future projects? How do you see your work evolving? Yes! Right now, I am experimenting with incorporating found objects with hand-embroidery. I see my work evolving into more abstract, sculptural pieces.

You recently joined Keenobby, what triggered your curiosity in our community? What feelings would you like your workshop participants to leave with? I love that Keenobby provides unique activities in a personable environment.

“I know I am always looking for different experiences in New York, and Keenobby provides that while giving you the chance to meet and learn from incredibly talented, passionate people.”

I hope that when people leave my workshops, they feel confident and inspired to apply the techniques they’ve learned to their own projects.

Want to meet Anna and learn her techniques? Join one of her upcoming hand-embroidery and fabric marbling workshops, all details here: https://www.keenobby.com/profile/373-anna-t/

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