Have fun with Style in NYC


Meet Catherine, our fashionista! The art, the product, the people, the culture have always fascinated her. After spending 12 lovely years in the Fashion Industry, Catherine is ready to share her expertise  in Styling, Shopping, Selling, Customer Service, and more! Oh and she also owns a Personal Shopping business 🙂


Why personal shopper, how did you develop a passion for this profession? 

During the last 2 years of High School, when I really needed to figure out what I wanted to pursue in college, my style was changing and so was I.

As I was “figuring out my style”, I was in such awe of this new Art form that I discovered. I visited Fashion Schools such as Parsons, FIT, and LIM in NYC and I couldn’t see myself being anywhere else.

I was working in Retail at the time, just a regular part-time while in school, but after being so involved in my Fashion discovery I developed a new love for the product, the people (customers), and Style. I worked in Retail throughout college and post college, and moved my way up in Management through promotions and of course my degree. I stood in Retail because of the genuine interactions with clients who truly needed Style advice, I was a natural seller, I loved being surrounded by product, and it was a very active career. My years in Fashion Retail have taught me how to interact with different clients, what works for different shapes and sizes, what good quality of product looks like, amazing selling and customer service techniques, and where and how to shop. I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur, so becoming a Personal Shopper was a natural choice for me, because I get to do all of the mentioned things at a one-on-one level. I have also joined a women’s accessories company, Stella and Dot, as a Personal Stylist, for the same reasons! 

What about fashion inspires you?

The colors, the shapes, the creativity, and the details and hard work that truly goes into making the product. To me, Fashion is a way of personal expression, therefore it is always different for each individual.

I also believe that Fashion can boost a person’s confidence and I love to see that take place when assisting my clients.

Can you please share some of the challenges you face with the ever-changing consumer mind and trends?

One of the challenges is to actually stay “on-trend”, as they come and go very quickly. However, I like to stick with the “main” trends. This season, off-the shoulder, bell sleeves, tassels, and embroidery are BIG. So I always suggest to get a few pieces of these main trends, and stick to classic pieces.


What kind of an experience can our participants expect with you?

I am a very welcoming and genuine individual. Sometimes the Fashion Industry can be intimidating, but I like to ease that intimidation and really have FUN with Style. I have a great Selling Workshop listed, in which the mission is to help artists sell with confidence, poise, and the selling techniques that have worked for me for the pas 12 years. I am currently working on a Customer Service 101 Workshop for artists and boutique owners, and more to come!

Want to meet Catherine and get some help revamping your style? Or, need to become a better seller? Don’t wait and check out her Keenobby profile here: https://www.keenobby.com/profile/207-catherine-c/