Weaving as a form of meditation

all-about-fiber-artist-jen-nealMeet Jen, a true passionate about weaving and everything that relates to fiber! We’ve had the pleasure to have Jen as part of our creative community for a couple of months now. Jen is teaching loom weaving classes (beginner and intermediate) and we wanted you to get to know her a little more.

We invited her to complete a short interview:

When did you first start weaving? 

I started weaving in 2013, having taken my first class from my weaving idol Minna and then taking a series of classes with the weaving guru Maryanne Moodie. Learning to weave allowed me to open up creatively in so many ways. I studied illustration and painting in college – but over the years I started to gravitate more towards working with fibers. For years I knitted and crocheted every single day – but it turns out that weaving was the perfect medium I was looking for!

Weaving combines my love for graphic design, color and texture – with my passion for working with fibers.

What do you enjoy most about weaving?

I am a working mom of two little boys, and weaving provides me with an outlet that I absolutely need at the end of a long day. From the design and planning stage where I put my compositions on paper – to the point when I take the piece off of the loom – weaving allows me to spend quiet time thinking, feeling and processing the world around me. There is also something to be said about the amazing feeling at the end of a day – or week – or month – that you’ve been working on a project – that you can take your work off of the loom and hold it in your hands and see what you’ve accomplished.   I love the feel of the fibers in my hands as I add them to the loom, the magic of seeing a piece come to life and there’s nothing better than the feeling of seeing my work on the wall of someone else’s home.

Weaving for me is a form of meditation.

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Where do you find your inspiration?

I am obsessed with vintage fabric, the colors patterns on 1970s fashion prints. My home is full of vintage tablecloths, fabric from yard sales and vintage embroidery collected from over the years.

What are somethings the participants can expect from your classes?

In my classes, I try to help each student to leave the class feeling confident in their skills and excited to jump in to the weaving community. 

My classes are kept small in order to give each student lots of one on one time to troubleshoot and feel confident in the basics.

The classes are super fun – including a beautiful plant-filled space, fun music, treats (wine!), and the feeling of being around other people who get really excited to learn something new. My intermediate students can also expect a lot of one-on-one attention and good vibes, as well as a pack of beautiful and luxurious materials that they can take home with them. I love the look on their faces when I explain how to incorporate shapes, wool roving and other materials into their work. Its the best feeling to help other weavers climb to the next level of mastery of the craft. Past students have said that my passion for weaving is infectious – and that is the highest compliment! 

Weaving has brought so much to my life – and once you leave my class I try to continue supporting my students by making myself available if any questions come up, directing them to my favorite sources for fibers and supplies as well as my favorite artists and weavers to follow and learn from.

Want to unleash your inner weaver, take a course with Jen or request a customized session! Check out Jen’s profile here: https://www.keenobby.com/profile/291-jen-n/

For more information about Jen’s work, check her website here: https://www.jennealstudio.com