5 Top Secret Spots to Visit in NY

We’re celebrating World Tourism Day by revealing five secret spots only true New Yorkers know about. Pro tip: memorize and share with friends to win superlative for “Most NY Cultured” of your squad.

#WTD2017 brings attention to sustainable travel. Whether you’re discovering new parts of a familiar place, or venturing to a faraway land, remember to be respectful of different environments and cultures.

1. Food Gallery 32 (11 W 32nd St, NY, NY)


Photo from Food Gallery 32

Korea Town has many hidden food gems, but Food Gallery 32 is my favorite. This isn’t your average food court— it’s filled with three floors of traditional Korean food and, of course, desserts. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Head to the top floor where you’ll find Spot Dessert Bar filled with delimanjoo (cute fish-shaped cakes) and other Korean treats. Tips for a picture-worthy experience: order “The Harvest.” This dessert includes a “pot” of cheesecake and a cup of milk tea to “water” your edible plant.

Francesca, Keenobby Expertainer. I’m an animal lover, a passion seeker, and a believer of the legend where Wine is considered a “youth potion.”

2. The Creative Little Garden & 6BC Botanical Garden (530 E 6th St, NY, NY & 630 E 6th St, NY, NY)


Photo from Manhattan Sideways

Do you prefer the company of plants over people? In the heart of the East Village you’ll discover two community gardens sandwiched between tenement buildings. The Creative Little Garden was originally designed as a wildlife sanctuary and is now filled with birdhouses. Nearby, the 6BC Botanical Garden is sprouting with colorful flowers and funky plants. To top it off, there’s a tree house you can find by a hidden stairway (I’ll leave it up to you to explore!). If you’re lucky you may stumble upon a music performance or poetry reading.

Hank, Keenobby Expertainer. I live and breathe NY! I’m a native New Yorker who’s fascinated by its many layers of history, architecture and rich diversity.

3. Walkers (16 N Moore St, NY, NY)


Photo from Thrillest

Try the burger that people swear by at one of NYC’s oldest bars: Walkers. This family-friendly spot is a solid choice for a friendly ambience and delicious food. For dinner I recommend the roasted chicken…crispy skin, juicy meat and abundant sides. In all the years I’ve dined there, my taste buds have never walked out disappointed.

– Shari, Keenobby Expertainer. I’m a fashion design executive pursuing my passion for beautiful and delicious food. I make fun and decadent desserts and novelty baked goods, as well as fresh, healthy foods that pair my cooking skills with my design aesthetic.

4. Ancolie (58 W 8th St, NY, NY)


Photo from MomTrends

Ancolie is the perfect spot for a healthy grab-and-go lunch. Their ingredients are sustainable and local and are nicely packaged in reusable mason jars. This makes it easy to bring your meal along to the nearby Washington Square Park. They have great (seriously, great) coffee that pairs well with their vegan pastries or chia pudding. Pro tip: If you bring your jar back to Ancolie, you get $1 off your next purchase.

– Shari, Keenobby Expertainer

5. Pratt Institute (200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY)


Photo from the New York Times

What makes the Pratt Institute so special is that it houses NY’s largest outdoor museum. Its Clinton Hill campus is sprinkled with sculptures made by artists from around the world. Pratt’s free roaming cats and original engine room (ask a student where to find it) are also famous for those familiar with the campus. Ready to apply?

– Hank, Keenobby Expertainer

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Banner image created by Jenni Sparks

Written by Sophie Nelson