World Teachers’ Day: Learning Beyond the Textbook

Shine your apples and sharpen your pencils, it’s World Teachers’ Day. Today we’re giving thanks to all the teachers in our lives– from those who taught us how to use PEMDAS to those whose knowledge extended beyond our textbooks– we carry these lessons with us each day. Now it’s time for students to return the love. Keenobby is celebrating by shining light on some of our creative and passionate Expertainers.

What brought you to teaching?

I wanted a more tangible way of making a difference in someone’s life. Through teaching, I feel like I can help someone accomplish their goals or learn a new skill, which is so rewarding. – Anna, Hand-Embroidery Expertainer

It all started in the 5th grade. My classmates would line up at my desk and I’d teach them simpler ways to solve problems than the ways we were taught in class. Now, even though I’m not a teacher by profession, I find myself teaching people almost every day. – Chiemi, Astrology & Jewelry Expertainer

I was encouraged by my friend and fellow Expertainer, Leslie. She told me I’d really enjoy teaching with Keenobby. She was right. – Eugene, Burmese Food Expertainer

I have always been a mentor to my coworkers, to my neighbors and to my friends. Teaching is simply an extension of that. – Liza, Terrariums Expertainer


What does teaching mean to you?  

Being a resource for students to tap into and help unlock their creativity. – Liza

It’s a way to spread the joy that I experience from doing what I love. – Anna

Teaching allows me to share what I know and love with others. I believe every individual has a passion to share with the world. For me it’s the Burmese food I grew up with. –Eugene


What does it take to be a great teacher?

A great teacher is someone who is patient, giving, inspiring and dedicated to sharing their knowledge and their experiences. This is easy to do if you love your students. A great teacher is able to look at a problem from multiple perspectives– especially that of the student. This can be done by thinking back to the frustrations and pains you experienced when learning through childhood. A great teacher is flexible enough to teach one thing multiple ways (per the needs and levels of students). This can be done by being infinitely creative and open-minded. A great teacher allows you to tap into their wealth of knowledge that they’ve developed through many years of trial and error. – Chiemi

A great sense of humor and some patience. – Liza

Being prepared ahead of time, but flexible in the moment. – Anna

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What kind of emotions does teaching trigger?

Happiness. Excitement. Passion. Gratitude. Fulfillment.  – Eugene

Joy. I always have a big smile on my face when a student shows enthusiasm for the subject. – Anna

It feels good and natural to me. I feel that it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. – Chiemi

How do you see teachers’ role in today’s society?

I see teachers as very important in shaping the future by inspiring students to think critically and learn new skills. – Anna

I see a teacher’s role as a guide. Someone who can guide you in discovering the world and discovering yourself. They can do this by sharing new ideas, introducing new ways of thinking, and asking the right questions. – Eugene

Teachers have the role to show their students how to expand their horizons. – Chiemi


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Written by Sophie Nelson