World Halloween Heritage

We heard a witch’s calling and here we are: your cultural Halloween guides. Join Keenobby on a universal journey where we’ll show you how USA’s spookiest night of the year is celebrated around the globe.

United States: Trick or Treat


First stop is the USA. In the United States, Halloween is a tradition celebrated by dressing up in creepy costumes, carving faces out of pumpkins and knocking on stranger’s doors for treats. This holiday originated from an ancient Celtic religion whose followers believed that ghosts and spirits entered our world once a year. To scare the evil away, they would throw a huge party. In the 19th century Irish immigrants brought these traditions to the United States and it evolved into the Halloween we know today.

Romania: Dracula Day


Let’s visit Transylvania, Dracula’s hometown and capital of all things supernatural. It’s said that vampires haunt Transylvania’s dense, dark forests on the Eve of St. Andrew (Nov. 29). But this spooky evening also calls for romance– legend has it that it’s the perfect evening to find your soulmate (just put 41 wheat grains under your pillow before you hit the sack!).

Japan: Kawasaki Costume Parade


Now we cross the waters to the land of Halloween fanatics: Japan. Kawasaki (right outside of Tokyo) hosts the top costume parade with over 3,000 participants. Want to walk the streets with fellow witches, werewolves and warlocks? While watching the parade is free, it costs ¥1,000 to participate.

Mexico: Dia De Los Muertos


Across the border in Mexico, October 31st kicks off Dia De Los Muertos. During this three-day celebration,  it’s believed that the deceased return to their homes. To help departed relatives find their way back, families burn candles and incense. Traditional food includes skull-shaped bread and candies (YUM!).

South Africa: American-Style


Even in a country far far away, some traditions are the same. In recent years, Halloween à la American has gained more and more popularity in South Africa. Just like in the USA, it’s celebrated on October 31st and costumes include vampires, ghouls and witches.

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Written by Sophie Nelson