Nature as inspiration for Art and Design

The beauties that Nature offers delight people around the globe. From plays of light to colors, fragrances, textures, warmth, noises…we all agree, yet we have so disconnected ourselves from the natural world. Robin, Parisian Terrarium and Kokedama creator, Keenobby member and proud founder of TerrariaArt, decided to use his passion and Art to reconnect the elements.
For him, Nature is fuel to the soul.
We’ve asked him a few questions:
How did the landscaper you are fall in love with creating terrarium?
I love nature, the diversity of plants, their particularities. I also like to observe the development of plants: look at an orchid that develops day by day its new flower stems, a fern that unrolls its leaves, a flower that opens and turns to the sun. It’s a wonder of all times!
With terrariums, I can reproduce this wonder everyday and in my own universe. So I started to learn about different techniques, then create 1 then 2 and 10. The combinations of plants and materials are endless and there is always something to learn.
What feelings do you experience while creating?
I love to create. It’s challenging in many ways. Sometimes I miss something, so I start from scratch trying to improve myself from my mistakes. Learning is something essential for me and I am constantly learning in the company of plants (and my cats:). Beyond creation, following the evolution of a terrarium is fascinating: watching the balance that is formed, the plants that flourish and develop, it is both satisfying and relaxing.

“Beyond creation, following the evolution of a terrarium is fascinating

Where do you get your inspiration and materials from?
My inspiration comes mainly from nature itself: A landscape, a group of plants, an undergrowth in autumn, a carpet of cyclamen. I also try to associate the plant and the animal, using the shells which marry for example perfectly with the Tillandsias.
I also spend a lot of time looking at other people’s creations because there are always new ideas, little treasures of ingenuity or achievement. My only purpose being getting inspired by my own materials, plants, my nuances and preferences.
My materials come mostly from nature: Driftwood picked up by the sea, shells collected during a trip, pine cones found during a walk in the forest…My plants are selected and bought from a specialist in Paris who has a shop full of plants and mineral wonders. Finally, some materials come from specialized shops, like horticulturists, shop of creative hobby, in which I spend a lot of time to find a specific and original object.

“My materials come mostly from nature: Driftwood picked up by the sea, shells collected during a trip, pine cones found during a walk in the forest…

How do you stimulate your creativity, do you practice any sports, meditation, hobby?
Luckily, my creativity does not need a lot of stimulation. I crave using my hands to create! My Landscaper activity is my daily sport! A day of work makes me walk 10 km on average. Some days it can go up to 30 km.
I also practice hobbies like detection (search of historical objects thanks to a detector of metals). This activity is perfect for me as it takes me on walks in the forest observing vegetation. I love immersing myself in that raw and authentic context that brings back to when life started. 
Otherwise, I love cinema, reading, pop culture, getting together around a good meal with friends … simple but essential things.

I crave using my hands to create!



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Edited by Mylene Chambru
Photo credits: Terraria Art

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