Dreaming in watercolors

We are very proud to introduce an incredibly talented artist from Paris. Freshness, Vivid, Humility and Energetic are for us the words to describe best Ms. Lucile Prache! Lucile has been mastering the art of Illustration and decided to share her passion within Keenobby‘s creative community.


Her notoriety keeps growing along with her success as an accomplished artist but we managed to get a few insights from Lucile, just for you:

When did you realize you could turn your talent into a business and how did you get the ball rolling?

I have been drawing for a very long time, ever since I was a child actually, my father being an architect and my mother a kind of « hippy pottery maker «  :). I studied graphic arts at the Penninghen school of art in Paris and became a regular illustrator for years. When I came across an Etsy shop in 2010 I saw a great opportunity in joining a, at that time, small friendly community. I was then lucky to have my artwork featured on multiple famous blogs who helped my shop kicking off a lot I think.
I chose to focus my shop on food artwork, opened another one later. Running both shops is still a delight every day. I am always thrilled to send my prints all over the world (Checking my clients address on google map just makes my day! )

Your illustrations and recipe prints are getting a little more famous every day, did you ever struggle with finding inspiration?

Luckily, I still work as an illustrator for clients like advertising agencies, magazines, styling agencies, publishers, which means I create new prints whenever time permits. While working on commissioned illustrations, I am most of the time inspired by new ideas that just pop up but I can’t work on them until my schedule allows me to focus on my personal projects. When finally comes that time, I have already gathered several ideas so I don’t really struggle with inspiration.

A glimpse at Lucile’s Studio

According to you, what is the biggest milestone you have achieved so far? What’s the next one?

It has nothing to do with my food illustrations! I have worked on an advent calendar for Dior (which can be seen here:http://www.lucileprache.com/dior/).

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 4.19.00 PM

I had a lot of fun. The next one would be a new cookbook including recipe illustrations from around the world, I would love to work on this kind of project!

Can you reveal Lucile Prache’s favorite dish?

My favorite dish in summer is stuffed tomatoes, and in winter I don’t know how you can translate: les endives au gratin! (oven dish: endives with grated cheese on top) And most of all I enjoy the japanese food very much.

Who is your watercolor Guru and why? Did you ever get to meet her/him?

My first guru has been my Chinese calligraphy teacher So yes I met him. Then I keep being fascinated by an illustrator I have admired for a very long time: Mats Gustafson (Swedish artist, see bio here: http://matsgustafson.org). I never met him. But Gurus should stay in our dreams I guess. I also admire David Lynch so much and his work in the return of Twin Peaks. His world made of dream layers is not so far from watercolor works.
Thank you, Lucile and welcome to the Keenobby Tribe!


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Edited by Mylene Chambru
Photo credits: Lucile Prache
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