Sketching: drawing down a vision

From watercolor, ink, pen to charcoal, she seems to master them all! Meet a diligent and hardworking artist whose talent and delicacy will blow your mind. Oscillating between simplicity and attention to detail, figurative and abstract art, let Madara take you on an inspiring and creative journey through an open heart interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where your passion for art is coming from? 
As long as I can remember I always loved to paint, color, craft and even hammer, and saw. I just loved making anything of everything.
In high school I studied glassware design and carried on with joining the Art Academy where I got a bachelor degree in arts and restoration. Over the years I explored a variety of creative fields, from design and illustration to photography and painting in all kinds of techniques. I love to continuously try out new mediums and crafts. My head is constantly filled with creative ideas and I try to do my best to bring them to life.
Where do you find inspiration? 
I love all kind of artwork and now it’s so easy to get inspired by others in social media alone. From experienced and accomplished artists to self thought artists who just paint for fun. I especially love urban sketches. There is something about traveling and sketching everything you see around – architecture, people, atmosphere.
Nevertheless, there are some Old Masters artwork that fascinates me. For example Albrecht Durer “Young Hare”, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec posters, Edgar Degas ballerina paintings and Claude Monet “Poppies” to name a few.
How would you define your own artwork?
My artwork is usually light, ‘soft’ and I love to spend the time on detail. For me it’s a constant struggle to make the painting/sketch more contrasting or with screaming color. I have always painted ‘carefully’ with a lot of layers gradually deepening the colors. That’s why I love challenging myself to make more quick sketches trying to put the right saturated color with few brush stokes.
What are your favorite subjects and themes? Why?
There are few subjects that I’m usually painting – figurative sketches, ballerinas, city sketches, abstract watercolor paintings (mountains / waves) and pet / animal paintings.
For each theme there is a specific reason.
Ballerinas? Because – ballerinas! They are so stunning. There is the movement, posture and grace.  I love the simplicity and minimalism of sketching the human body. And I guess I always wanted to be a ballerina.
Sketching cities for me is a way to discover beautiful countries and places which I want to visit. I love to travel and that is one of my million goals – travel and sketch all the stunning architecture and scenery. And overall I love that sketching with markers and watercolors I can make the sketch both detailed or simple.


Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.58.40 AM.png
The watercolor mountain / wave paintings just came out of the blue few years ago. I was playing around with watercolors and ended up layering colors. Now I’m working on painting larger formats in various shades. I just love the simplicity and peacefulness of these paintings.
Painting pet portraits is my passion project. I am a huge animal person and I know how close to heart can be our beloved pets. And I’m thrilled I can make people smile in joy when they see their loving pet in a painting. I love to capture the details and personality of the animal, and I surely don’t mind staring at doggies or cats photo endless of hours.
If Madareli was a piece of art, what would it be? 
The one painting that I always use for everything related to Madareli art is the turquoise mountain painting – simple, light and peaceful.
Do you have any specific ritual when you paint and create? How do you feed and stimulate your creativity?
I usually start with a cup of green tea or if I’m extra sleepy – a cup of coffee. Then, depending on my mood, I choose either simple, fun TV show for the background (such as Friends, Modern Family, Gilmore Girls, etc.), or inspiring audiobook (You are a badass, The Power of now), or a podcast with some inspiring people interview (How I built this, The school of greatness).
I love how painting allows to do several things at once – painting and listening /learning something new. People stories are the thing that inspire me the most. Either how they overcome unimaginable obstacles or the journey how they find their passion. It somehow inspires me to do and create more.
For painting, it’s important for me that the environment is more or less tidied and clean. I find that a messy surrounding interferes with my creative process and it’s harder to focus.

Overall it’s just in the matter of sitting down and starting to paint/create. Not ‘waiting for inspiration’, but – ‘just do it’! When I start to paint the inspiration and boost comes just like that.

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