Spring in New York City

Hallelujah! Spring has officially kicked in the city, which means it’s finally time to leave your apartment hibernation and look forward to full-time sunshine and outdoor activities. Not too cold, not too hot, Spring is the perfect season in New York City – from the Cherry Blossom in Brooklyn and a picnic at Central Park to the various street fairs, creators markets and so many food and drinks festivals. Beyond the must-see attractions and famous events, take some time to go off the beaten track and immerse yourself into some of our city’s most valuable assets: its diversity and creativity.

Whether you are looking to do something fun on your own, entertain your beloved ones or find a new type of team-building for you staff, we, at Keenobby have made a selection for you. 

Meet the wild man : Go Foraging in Central Park

Want to learn to forage for herbs, greens, berries, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms — whatever’s in season? And all that in Manhattan? Naturalist-author “Wildman” Steve Brill is America’s go-to guy for foraging. He’s been leading foraging tours and providing demos for the public, for schools, day camps, birthday parties, museums, nature centers, parks departments, restaurants and chefs, garden clubs, hiking clubs, teaching farms, nurseries, and other organizations, in parks and natural areas throughout the Greater NY area, since 1982.

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Customized tour: Iconic and hidden spots of NYC

Visiting New York City is a great opportunity to enrich your photo album and grow your community of followers on Instagram. Tina Boyadjieva, a professional photographer, will show you how. When she is not too busy taking headshots, and exhibiting her work, she will bring you on artistic tours and photo shoots through iconic and hidden spots of the city – from Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge to small streets of the West Village, Soho and Dumbo. Zoom in and out while discovering the city through multiple lenses. Tina loves to share the history of her favorite neighborhoods and memorize the experience with professional photo shoots.

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Food for the eyes and body

This is no secret: New Yorkers have a passion for food, and so does Shari Hershon, a fashion design executive and Chef in Chelsea. Besides cooking and baking all day, Shari transmits her passion for beautiful and delicious food to fellow foodies and curious fellows. Shari hosts cooking classes in her home kitchen where attendees can learn some of her best recipes, such as blueberry pies, vegan sweet treats or ricotta gnocchi. She also organizes food tours of the Chelsea Market and Union Square Greenmarket, followed by cooking parties and lunches with her guests.

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 Spa-cation: taking a break from the city

Not a lot of us see New York City as a relaxing and healthy destination. Well, you would be surprised to see how much New Yorkers actually care for healthy lifestyles.  Leslie Mullin, an artisanal bath and body creator, has decided to dedicate her professional life to natural self-care and organic beauty. During her free time, she will help you and locals take a break from the city and reload the battery with healthy DIY workshops and spa-cation experiences in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

(ideal for Bachelorette parties) Request your private session on-demand here: https://www.keenobby.com/activity/spacation-dirty-mermaid-beauty/

Live and Breathe NYC

Who better to guide you through New York City than someone who lives and breaths the city. Hank Orenstein is a native New Yorker and has lived and worked all over the city. This only means that a tour experience with him will give you an up close and a molecular view of the city, its architecture and the diverse culture. He has worked as a visual artist, social worker, tour guide, college professor and real estate professional, which have given him a multi-textured and sophisticated perspective on what makes New York a transcendent place. The city to him is a spectacular mosaic of culture, cuisine, music and lifestyles – creating unlimited opportunities for exploration and discovery for visitors and locals alike.

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Create your own yoga class at the Park

New Yorkers go crazy about yoga practice! Yoga has endless benefits – Improves the immune system; Heightened mental and intuitive awareness; Increase flexibility; Promotes feeling peaceful and calm; and so much more! Join Alison, NYC-based Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Certified Holistic Health, Lifestyle Transformation Coach, and Past Life Regression Specialist. Alison’s passion is to guide people on their journey to finding their unique purpose, courage, and authentic self. Take a fresh start in the city of lights!

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