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The power of scent: Memory, emotion, and attraction. Once in awhile we’ll smell something that transports us back in time. … It’s usually the incidental smells we don’t think much about – the hand soaps, the foliage, the mildew – that later evoke the most powerful emotions. Meet Kristi, a perfumer who excels in the art of designing fragrances that reflect personalities. After studying astrology for years,  she developed an incredible line of perfumes that will, for sure, supercharge your senses.

Kristi– Founder of Zodiac Perfumery

How did you decide to combine perfumery with signs, season and attraction? 

Perfume has been an invisible love affair from when I was gifted a French perfume from the French foreign exchange student who stayed with us the summer before my 8th grade year. It enchanted me immediately. Isn’t it amazing how perfume can instantly carry you away? Not many things will hypnotize you, like tracking down a stranger to ask them what scent they’re wearing. It’s unforgettable.

The mass perfume shopping experience, however, is the ultimate fail. A sea of perfume bottles competing for your attention quickly becomes an overwhelming scent cloud hedged by commission-driven salespeople. I wanted the experience of shopping to be every bit as magical as the perfume. And most importantly, for the scent to be unique to you… not a celebrity or designer. What is more personalized than your zodiac?

Simply assigning a perfume to a zodiac sign arbitrarily without much meaning behind it is easy.  My perfumes have depth.

I designed the collection to evoke a vibe and make you feel like a sign’s most brilliant aspects and attract its energy. I’m a Cancer, a very sensitive and emotional sign incredibly connected to family. We are ruled by the moon and its feminine energy and considered the mother sign of the zodiac. Therefore, Cancer is soft and smells like love. You don’t have to be a Cancer to wear it. It’s the perfect cuddle perfume for anyone.

There’s not just power in scent – there’s also power when anything is spoken out loud. I’ve used that psychological pull to help attract the energy of the sign. Each perfume comes with a mantra / intention card that helps you tune into manifesting the day you want to live.

The perfumes also reflect the time of year since the zodiac is really just one big calendar. I’ve tried to use notes that are in season at that time or evoke a temperature of cool or warm. Cancer season begins on the summer equinox. Therefore, the Cancer perfume is warm with a beautiful rose base note.

After spending 3 years studying Astrology, I threaded its principles throughout the collection’s notes and intentions/mantras. Every sign is part of an element group – fire, air, water, or earth. According to the ancient wisdom of alchemy, these elements form the basis of life. In astrology, they represent psyches. They can be further grouped into feminine (water, earth) or masculine (fire, air) energies. Also known as yin & yang. Astrology follows the four seasons marked by the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. Each season has a beginning (Cardinal), middle (Fixed) and end (Mutable). These 3 modalities have a nuanced expression.

Do you believe that a scent defines a mood, an energy? 

Scent can improve our lives. Aromatherapy is proven to work. Scientific studies have shown notes can instantly change your brain chemistry to lift your mood and make you happier or help you to feel drowsier and prepare you for sleep. Businesses are using scent to make you shop longer. I’ve worked on two aromatherapy brands in the past and have used that experience to design a collection that taps into the power of scent.

Gemini is known for their communicative and cheerful nature. The Gemini perfume is full of happy citrus notes that will brighten your day. The Mayo Clinic found citrus notes to curb depression.

The Aries perfume evokes the energy of this fire sign with cinnamon that wakes you up and gives you a pep in your step. Cinnamon is known to be a stimulant that researchers have found to aid in concentration and better performance.

What is the process to pick the raw materials that will compose the scent of a sign? 

Many people don’t realize that a true fine fragrance can have hundreds of ingredients to create a layering effect. The best way to select a perfume is not by the first spray, but by giving it time to develop and reveal all its layers. Those first notes you smell are the most volatile and lightweight, meaning they will quickly evaporate in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this is when most people decide if they like a perfume. What comes after those 10 minutes, the heart or middle notes, makes up 40-80% of the total scent. This is where the magic happens… that intoxicating mix that bewitches the senses.

One of the reasons I think perfume shopping is so difficult is because people often rely on shopping by what notes they like. But the presence of just one note can change how the note you prefer smells like, resulting in a perfume you might hate. On the flipside, a note you hate may be in a perfume that you can fall in love with. A better way to shop is by how you want to feel, or how you want people around you to feel, and forget about the notes.

Beyond the notes, alcohol serves the crucial function of giving lift and projecting notes, creating an aura of perfume around you. A dead giveaway of a cheap perfume is a chemical or alcohol smell. Zodica is formulated with certified organic grape alcohol imported from the Cognac region of France. It’s been filtered three times for purity. The alcohol is actually a by-product of making organic wine. It’s incredibly difficult to get (I had to get a special permit), but so worth it. When you spray Zodica, you can’t smell the alcohol because of this purity and also because I cure the perfume for a few weeks before selling.

Follow Kristi and the opening of her store here: https://www.zodicaperfumery.com

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