The Importance of a Personalized Gift

Father’s Day is around the corner and you have probably been scratching your head to find the perfect gift. The main motive of giving gifts, beyond expressing love and gratitude, is to establish relationships between family members, friends but also partners and clients or even management and staff. This week, we talk about the importance of personalized gifts, of taking the time to think about the person you want to make it special for. Did you ever notice that when given a customized gift, people intuitively know they’re receiving something unique? It makes it clear the gift is both special and indisputably theirs. It is with great pleasure that we introduce Natalie, founder of the Painted Press, who is on the mission of bringing back the dying art of meaningful gifts – one jewelry dish at a time.

All things with a white + gold combination

The Painted Press

Why is White + Gold such a magic alliance?

To me, white and gold is the perfect combination of elegant and minimalist.  It can complement a variety of styles and is totally timeless.

What does gifting a jewelry dish to someone means to you?

Creating personalized jewelry dishes was originally a way for me to say, “This gift is for you. I thought of you when I made it. It is intentionally meant for you, and only you.” Personalized gifts have a way of making the recipient feel so loved, so seen, and so valued.  I want other people to have the opportunity to let their friends and family feel cherished.

How do your emotions transpire in what you do?

I have a love for all things beautiful, and most of our designs are created by my sister and I when we feel inspired by something.  Our love of nature (flowers specifically) translates into many of our designs.

I think our creative process helps me to slow down and focus on the present moment.  I am forced to work with precision when painting details, and kneading the clay helps relieve any stress that had built up.

You made uniqueness accessible to everyone and every budget, how do you feel about it?

This is what brings me joy every day!  My mission in creating The Painted Press was to make meaningful gift giving available to everyone, because showing someone you thought of them shouldn’t break the bank.  We constantly receive messages from returning customers telling us that they return for all the gifts they need! It honestly makes every late night, every stressful moment, and every growing pain beyond worth it.

What is next for The Painted Press?

Apart from creating new designs, I am working on a website that will help those looking to start (or improve) their Etsy shop.  I want to help others succeed in chasing their dreams.

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