Do you feel like you’re in the dark when it comes to what’s ahead of you?  Astrology can shed a light on your road ahead so that you can navigate better and with confidence and better preparations.  Learn the forecasts for 2018 from astrological perspective!  The class will include:

  • Introduction — I will ask you when your birthday is and tell you briefly about your Sun sign;
  • Overall forecasts for 2018 that apply to all of us;
  • Forecasts and advice for individual Sun signs, Aries through Pisces.  I’ll spend about 5 minutes per sign;
  • Q’s & A’s;
  • Time permitting, I’ll tell you about your year based on numerology, as well;
  • Closing.

This will be (audio) recorded, and the audio file will be sent to each attendee.

A One sheeter that lists all retrograde dates and eclipses and brief advice on how to deal with the retrogrades will be provided to each attendee.


Chiemi M.
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I've always been very curious and creative since I was little. I've started to make fine silver (Precious Metal Clay) jewelry and to fuse glass when I bought my small kiln in 1999. I'd love to introduce art-minded creative people to the joy of creating your own jewelry.
I started to read about my Sun sign in the basic Sun sign books when I was young, trying to understand myself better. Later, I started to read about other Sun signs, trying to understand others better. I eventually started to study astrology beyond Sun signs, and I've become a professional certified astrologer in 2001. I'm passionate about helping others understand themselves and people around them better.

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