.    Introduction to Human Design:  Science Meets Spirit

If you have an interest in Self-Discovery, this is the venue for you!

In this introductory workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of Human Design and how it can be used to transform their lives.

The evening will include their discovery of their “Authentic Self” to finding out how to follow their unique strategy for living.

Please email me to provide the month, date, year, time and place of birth upon registration at lynne@bodysoulbeauty.com







lynne D.
I love finding out more about myself and about others. When I discovered Human Design I knew that it was going to be my indispensable guide to both.

Human Design is a personal growth tool which begins at the intersection of Science and Spirit. Based on the study of your birth information, it provides you with a user’s manual for your life according to your unique energetic blueprint.

My Workshops discuss the Types and Strategies of Human Design and how they help to reveal who you really are. You’ll get to see your authentic self as well as learn strategies that can help you align your energy, improve decision making and help you better interact with others.

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