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Making your own bread is truly satisfying 🍞 Come and bake with me!

I have been baking challah for over 3 years now and have learned a few tricks that go beyond a basic recipe.

In this class you will learn step by step how to make challah bread from scratch. From the essential ingredients, the braiding, and to all the different flavor combinations. We will work with premium ingredence to get an exceptional bake, which you will taste test from a batch fresh out of the oven. You will also take challahs home to enjoy, prehaps make french toast or bread pudding with!

Some flavors for thought; cinnamon, coffee, cocoa, poppyseed, assorted seeds, Birthday cake, Citrus salt & sugar, Herbs, Rosemary-sea salt, Za’atar, Sumac, Turmeric-caraway-black pepper, Basil-sundried tomato, Pizza, Smoky tomato, Olive tapenade, Lemon-ginger-herbs, etc.

Recipes and tips for baking at home for your next Holiday or Brunch!


Anastassia B.
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Born in St.Petersburg, Russian, the great granddaughter to a famous Russian cook trained by French Chefs.
Found her passion cooking for friends and family at an early age before going to Culinary school
in NYC. I love shopping at farmers market wherever I might be cooking, using local and in season ingredients. Also love sharing my travels with all through food.
I love all cuisines, with focus on Russian, Persian, and Jewish kitchens.

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