Do you know your Sun sign?  What does it mean to be a certain Sun sign?  Do you find yourself attracted to a particular Sun sign?  Do you know what your astrology chart looks like?  Get to know the 12 signs of the Zodiac like never before, and you will gain a new level of understanding in each sign, yourself and people around you.

  1. Learn how astrology is used in our everyday life.
  2. Learn what an astrology chart looks like — Personal astrology charts will be prepared for students who’d like to share their birth info. (Birth date, birth time and birth place — City, State or City, Country) prior to the class date.
  3. Get to know the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Get to know YOU, your family and your friends better!


Chiemi M.
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I've always been very curious and creative since I was little. I've started to make fine silver (Precious Metal Clay) jewelry and to fuse glass when I bought my small kiln in 1999. I'd love to introduce art-minded creative people to the joy of creating your own jewelry.
I started to read about my Sun sign in the basic Sun sign books when I was young, trying to understand myself better. Later, I started to read about other Sun signs, trying to understand others better. I eventually started to study astrology beyond Sun signs, and I've become a professional certified astrologer in 2001. I'm passionate about helping others understand themselves and people around them better.

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