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Class Description

Get the taste of Burma by learning to make its most well known and famous noodle dish, ‘Ohno Kao Swe.’ Our hands on and interactive cooking class will teach you  everything you need to know, to cook and prepare this delicious and fresh dish to impress all your friends at your next dinner party.

Our class, lead by Eugene, takes place in an intimate setting, in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Get your friends together and enjoy 90 minutes of fast paced cooking, and then sit down to taste the fruits of your labor!

The Dish

Ohno Kao Swe is a coconut curry based chicken noodle dish which starts with fresh egg noodles, coconut curry sauce, curry chicken and ends with toppings: hard boiled egg, pickled onion, cilantro, crispy noodles, lime.

The dish pays homage to Myanmar’s melting pot of cultures all in one delicious bowl of hot steaming noodles.

Being located between India, China and Thailand, Ohno Kao Swe has characteristics of all 3 distinct cuisines, tied together with traditional Burmese cooking to give you more than just a bowl of noodles, but an experience of culture and food.

Who is that class for?

Our class is for everyone, regardless of experience or skill level.

If you LOVE food, you will love our class. Eugene, will take you through each ingredient individually, and will always be on hand to lend a hand where needed. All the prep work is taken care of before hand, so its easy, fun and enjoyable for even the most inexperienced cook!

If you can boil water, you’re overqualified.

What to expect

The class includes 2 hours of fast paced interactive cooking and eating. Everything from learning about the ingredients, to the history of the dish, cooking techniques, all the way through to slurping that last noodle and wiping off your chin.

The class is set in an intimate setting, with no more than 8 people sharing in this amazing experience. This will allow hands on and individual attention every step of the way, to ensure you dish turns out as tasty and authentic as possible!


All the prep work is taken care off before hand. There is no chopping, measuring or washing required. Even the most inexperienced cook will leave feeling like Gordon Ramsay!

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Reviews (2)

Sana R.
The session was postponed as I was the only person who was going to attend. Eugene reached out to me and we agreed that the cooking class should be rescheduled.
5 / 5
Tracy T.
This was my first cooking class, and it was incredibly fun exceeding all expectations. There was a full array of drinks and homemade samosas waiting when I arrived. Eugene, a professional restauranteur, was very helpful without making me, a home cook, feel lost or overwhelmed. His direction was very easy to follow, and the noodles were amazing. After cooking we got to sit and enjoy the meal. He sent me home with a printed recipe and all my leftovers and even some things to help me cook the dish on my own. Bonus- he has a cute little dog named Chai who joined us the entire time. I would like to go back for classes focused on new dishes.
5 / 5


Eugene S.
5.00 / 5
Even though my parents were born in Burma, my only real link I had to their past was through the food. I learned to cook from my mom. At a young age she taught me how to balance the flavors in the noodle salad. I worked hard to perfect the spices in the coconut curry chicken noodle and to capture the right consistency of the catfish chowder. In the kitchen it was our own little world, it’s where we bonded, where we argued, it was how we loved.

These are her recipes as I remember them. It wasn’t until I lived on my own that I started to miss certain dishes. I never had to make them on my own before and it was a challenge to recreate the food of my childhood, especially after she passed. But once I did, it gave me soul satisfaction. My belly was full and so was my heart. Everything that reminded me of home, of family was here inside this bowl. I only needed to eat. This isn’t just comfort food, this is soul food.

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