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Flowers that last forever! Learn how to make a unique lifelike eco-friendly flowers from clay that would last for years to come. In the class, you will: Learn how to make rose clay flower. Bring home a gift of your own making! All necessary materials will be provided

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Melissa L.
Very good! Loved it
5 / 5


Venera B.
5.00 / 5
"It all began from the moment my husband took me to a local craft store for the first time. Where I was born and raised there weren't any specialized stores for DIYers and artists. Thus, I was never really into crafting or DIYing while growing up. Walking in I was stunned by the variety of products and felt as if I was a kid in the candy store wanting to try everything. For some reason the very first thing I got my hands on clay. Since that day, clay sculpting has been part of my life and I enjoy every bit of it and now I would love to share my skills with others."

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