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Love reading comic books?  Want to get to learn how to create your own?  My drawing lessons are here to help!

Over the course of the lessons you will learn.

Art work

-Anatomy, foreshortening, Shadow rendering, Backgrounds, 2 and 3 point perspectives, Inking, Copic Marker Coloring, Photoshop Coloring and much more.


Story creation, Character creation, layout of book pages, Lettering, and execution


Marketing, printing, Social Media

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Francisco R.
My passion can be traced back to adolescence. Always having a pencil in my hand trying to capture the art of video games and comic books on any piece of paper I could find. Capturing gestures, creating characters and telling a story is what fuels me daily. The creation of sequential art goes back to our ancestors with cave paintings. I myself choose to use this medium to create a vivid universe that encapsulates all my thoughts and ideas for the world to see. Let me help you do the same!

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