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Let’s fall back into Childhood

Join Sweet Dough NYC’s founder, Drew Kohl, in learning how to make homemade Cookie Dough and a delicious Hot Chocolate.

It’s the perfect winter night activity to enjoy with friends and family, or to meet other cookie dough lovers!

In this 2 hour class you’ll learn how to make delicious cookie dough in a variety of flavors with professional techniques and Drew’s tips and tricks. While your cookies are baking you’ll learn her favorite hot cocoa recipe using locally made chocolate, so you can enjoy your cookies with a warming winter drink.

There will also be milk available for cookie dipping. Take home your cookies and cookie dough in Sweet Dough NYC packaging to share with friends and family later on.

*ingredients used are local whenever possible, organic, and sustainably produced.

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5.00 / 5

Greg D.
Great class! I was there with a friend and we really had a good time. The kitchen had all professional appliances and Drew was just wonderful. I brought back home some delicious cookies and some dough I used the following day. Highly recommend!
5 / 5


Drew K.
5.00 / 5
Drew’s background lies in all aspects of food and food businesses. She started out as a line cook at restaurants in Los Angeles and NYC, then worked with many food related businesses managing their social media efforts and event planning. As a recent graduate from NYU Gallatin School of individualized study, Drew’s experiences have led her to starting her own business selling cookie dough. In her free time she loves exploring new restaurants and experimenting with new cookie recipes.

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