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Thai Chicken with Basil and Snow Peas

Capturing the flavor of this traditional Thai dish requires not only the right ingredients but also learning a whole new way to stir-fry. All students will learn to stir frying at a low temperature (versus the usual high).

What To Expect:

Easy Prep Technique: Learn the process of adding chicken in a food processor to give appropriate course-texture to help retains moisture during cooking.

Get In The Mix: Discover to portion used to mix oyster sauce +soy sauce + vinegar + chiles + jalapeno (optional)

Sip: Organic conversation layered with a couple glasses of specialty wine as you learn step-by-step approach to cooking the dish.


Anthony B.
# CookingWithTheShark - Good Convo. Good Music. Good Spirits

About The Chef
Anthony Brown, son of Caribbean chefs is a native New Yorker with an ever-evolving passion for cooking, healthy food, physical fitness and spiritual awareness. In the comfort of his condo apartment, Anthony offers recreational cooking classes within an open, elaborate kitchen space. New Taste, Each Class
During these “hands-on” cooking class students learn easy, innovative cooking techniques in a team building manner. Additionally, each class incorporates various raw spices and seasoning used to flavor various dishes from every corner of the culinary world – American, Caribbean, Italian, Thai and more. Most classes conclude with generous portions. Anthony would not want you to walk away hungry!

Classes are suitable for all levels of cooking expertise and make a great team building activity or way to spend quality time with a friend.

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