Enjoy the calming experience of jewelry design and creation with Ariel Tian. Ariel is the founder of Yun Boutique. Her jewelry design classes will inspire you with China’s divine cultural heritage.

In this one-hour class, you will:

1. Learn how to make Chinese jewelry and explore your beauty within

2. Learn about the meaning of gemstone and jewelry in traditional Chinese culture

3. Receive one-on-one instructions from the expertainer in a semi-private class environment

4. Be provided with a full set of tools

Pick your favorite style from the 14 designs!


Ariel T.
4.00 / 5
"I want to share with you the peace, beauty, and strength I have discovered within from my personal cultivation practice, and do so via my favorite language: handcrafted jewelry. Each piece of my jewelry is a piece of my soul, and represents the courage and dignity of faith."

The jewelry you make in this DIY class is from Yun Boutique.

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