Connecting People Creatively

Meet someone new, and make something new while you’re at it. Join me for an exclusive event open to all above the age of 21, where I’ll guide you from start to finish.

In this class, I’ll teach you how to create your own woodwork wall display. You’ll learn how to personalize the design and leave with a piece of art as unique as you are, not to mention the skills to make more woodwork displays at home. This is a beginner-level project, so there’s not need to feel intimidated—you can do it. You just need to show up.

The cost for this special event is $45 per person, with food and drink available for individual purchase. All you need to do is to register here.


Shanam K.
Crazy about DIY and sharing this with everyone is my absolute passion! Moving from a corporate career of 17 yrs to a fulfilling career Connecting people and bring them closer to living a Creative life. I created Connect+Create Workshop in pursuit of Connecting People Creatively

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