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Create your own Knotting jewelry. You can learn how to make your own artistic and practical works using Asian traditional silk knotting cords.

After learning the knots, you can make knot pins, necklaces,and so on. It is known that knotting is good for brain power and helps reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Knots developed into a distinctive decorative art and practical use through its long history. It was used in not only fashion, household and ritual items but also court ceremonies, the lives of the common people. It was also used to adorn musical instruments, fans, dresses, flags and palanquins. Today, knots are widely used as modern ornaments in accessories and for arts.


Kumjoo A.
My passion comes from traditional craft arts and modern arts. I thought tradition was old fashioned and far from modern. However, I realize that the roots of modern and contemporary art comes from tradition. I want to apply traditional beauty to our lives with jewelry and decorative arts.

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