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Basil Pesto and Trofie Pasta Workshop 

I invite you to join my Cooking Class/Event and learn how to cook recipes from 1500 A.D!

Back to Basics are workshops designed to transport you in time, and to get you cooking by using experimental methods, enhance your passions, and re-educate your mind and your palate in a family-friendly environment.

We will be making Trofie Pasta with Pesto Genovese, a symbol of the Ligurian tradition. It seems that the first pesto recipe dates back to the early 1800 and Trofie was a pasta only dressed with this sauce.

 What is Trofie?

Trofie is a sort of twisted pasta typical of Ligurian cuisine, prepared with a dough made from durum wheat flour and water, whose origins date back to 1200 during the Crusades, military expeditions and the first form of Christian colonialism. Legend speaks of pasta made onboard ships crossing the Mediterranean sea. Chefs would work below-deck making dough on large tables by mixing flour with water, and then removing the dough between the fingers and shelving it on the side. It is believed that the rolling movements of the ships on the open water influenced the preparation of this twisted shape pasta.

 What is Pesto?

Pesto is a sauce made with Basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, Parmigiano, and Pecorino cheese.

Basil is a plant mostly grown in the Liguria region but is native to tropical India and Iran.  It came through the Middle East to Europe, Italy, and South of France in the sixteenth century from the Spice Route, the famous sea routes from Europe to India in XII century. The Opening of the spice routes represents the starting point of European expansion in the world and colonialism. Large vessels were crossing the Mediterranean Sea and exchanging merchandises, spices, and legends. Basil was considered a very powerful plant capable of curing illnesses as much as messing up with minds.

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Each cooking event will be paired with a good selection of white, red, or sparkling wine and include a mixed Italian-style antipasto, and of course a classic dessert to make your night even sweeter!

I hope to see you soon,



Francesca D.
I am Francesca and from Rome. I am an animal lover, a passion seeker, and a believer of the legend where Wine is considered a "youth potion."

My paternal grandparents came to Rome from Libya, and as a child, I was often in the kitchen with my grandmother who was an avid cook, and a master in combing classic Italian and Arabic dishes.
She influenced my mom cooking skills, and she learned to fuse three different Italian old cooking schools: Arabic, Roman, and Tuscans. I grew up eating Italian food mixed with international spices and unusual cooking techniques. Which unexpectedly ended affecting my career.
I am a New Yorker, a food enthusiast and self-appointed ambassador of my beloved Italian cuisine.
Through my years in NYC I developed this idea, in sharing with others all I know about food and why as Italian, I care so much about it.
I Love Italian Food is my brand, and it represents my world of travel, cooking, eating, drinking! But, It also represents the "Passion," the essential ingredient for a perfect dish!!

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