IndoorPhysical activity

Join us for an hour of sensory/interactive meditation– we will learn about the power of essential oils in promoting wellness, and practice deep breathing, expressive movement and meditation

We often think of meditation in silence, in a seated comfortable position- we will be introducing a new side to meditation that includes play, curiosity and imagination. We will be accessing the power of smell with essential oils. We will learn how playing promotes trust and possibilities in our lives and how motion can allow us to feel and free emotions.


We will also be doing a raffle to raise money for a charitable cause.

All money from raffle ticket purchases will be donated to a local, kind young woman in Great Neck who is pregnant and needs support. You are invited to donate even if you won’t make it to the event, and will still qualify to win a raffle prize.

You can purchase raffle tickets in the “donation” portion when clicking on the “tickets” button, on our Eventbrite page,

Raffle prizes include: Barry’s Bootcamp 5 day pass, Om Factory 1-week unlimited trials, RPZL 4-pack of hair blowouts, Chocolate Works cholocate pizza making workshop for 2, Dance with Renna private dance/choreography lesson, Private cooking demo for 2, laughter & leadership workshop for 2, and more.

Please share with any family/friends who you think would be interested.

Hope to see you there!

Michelle and Yasmin


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