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Music Production with Ableton Live

Our curriculum based program is 12 sessions, once a week (Monday or Wednesday), 3 hours each session. We accept all skill levels, provide all the necessary software and hardware in the classroom, and have free lab hours avaialable to all our students throughout the week. Here is an outline of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • History of music production and the tools used to create it
  • Becoming comfortable with the software through our retention based training
  • Song Arrangement
  • Audio sampling and manipulation (Warping, Editing, Manipulation)
  • MIDI and how to use it for hands on fun
  • Built-in Instruments (Synths, Drum Racks, and Samplers)
  • Gain an understanding of synthesis and the history of synthesizers
  • Learn basic music theory relating to octaves, chords, scales and modes
  • Sound Designing
  • Use Ableton built-in instruments and effects
  • Creating Original Basslines, Pads, Leads and SFX (notes, octaves and simple chords)
  • Creating your custom sound palette
  • Organize and build your own user folders

We have all the necessary software and hardware in the classroom, but you will need to purchase Ableton Live for your home computer or Laptop in order to open your files at home, complete your homework, and most importantly MAKE MUSIC!


Energea .
Energea is a music production school and creative hub in NYC. Our programs offer intensive hands-on production experience, broad exposure to professionals in the industry as well as professional grade studios and creative space. We strengthen our students to pursue their individual talents and skills, and encourage them to become creative, and thoughtful practitioners in the world of the arts. In addition to our courses we offer one on one professional studio time and music studio spaces for rent.

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