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“New York has no shortage of good desserts, but how many would you call essential? Follow your foodie expert and embark on an International Dessert Journey with I Love Italian Food NYC tour. Discover our city’s must-eat desserts while touring iconic neighborhoods. Explore Chinatown for quick and cheap bites, freshly made in a street cart, and then travel to Italy for a Cannoli from a Sicilian food truck playing traditional songs. Within few stops with the train, you will head toward India where you will taste spiced and honey sweet desserts, and feel home while sharing a small table with few Indian taxi drivers. Just the time to breath out from Curry town and have your breath taken from the Empire State building view from 5th Ave. Turn west on 32nd and jump into Ktown, a crowded little street, where sweets become fun to see and to taste, where choosing a dessert, from such a large variety of colors, shapes, and textures, will be challenging. BUNGEOPPANG, a street style Korean fish shaped pastry that can`t be missed! And if you are still debating in tasting something more, feel free to ask!! The tours are open to tourists and New Yorkers with the passion on Sweets, Chocolate, and Gelato willing to endure a challenge, to their palate and ultimately to the guilt!


Francesca D.
I am Francesca and from Rome. I am an animal lover, a passion seeker, and a believer of the legend where Wine is considered a "youth potion."

My paternal grandparents came to Rome from Libya, and as a child, I was often in the kitchen with my grandmother who was an avid cook, and a master in combing classic Italian and Arabic dishes.
She influenced my mom cooking skills, and she learned to fuse three different Italian old cooking schools: Arabic, Roman, and Tuscans. I grew up eating Italian food mixed with international spices and unusual cooking techniques. Which unexpectedly ended affecting my career.
I am a New Yorker, a food enthusiast and self-appointed ambassador of my beloved Italian cuisine.
Through my years in NYC I developed this idea, in sharing with others all I know about food and why as Italian, I care so much about it.
I Love Italian Food is my brand, and it represents my world of travel, cooking, eating, drinking! But, It also represents the "Passion," the essential ingredient for a perfect dish!!

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