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No Painting Experince Needed!

I Create an educational ,healthy and pleasant environment for all ages and I teach drawing and painting’s techniques in a fun and easy way.

Take a break from your fast paced life style and enjoy firsthand how Yelizabet Fine Art Paintings promotes creativity and self discipline. Help Kids express themselves and promote wellness and vitality to Seniors.

By following step by step instruction with Yelizabet, you can bring healing to your mind, body and spirit through creativity and expressive Art Therapy. You will be taking home a beautiful painting ready to display for your Family and Friends.

Find the Artist in You!



Yelizabet H.
I have always Loved The Art World. Since I was a little girl I used to spend most of my time perusing art’s books and painting beside my Father what motivated me to go to Art Schools.

My Life has always been steered by my thirst for perspective, precision and excellence hence my professional choices in life. My Art Work with Attitude is a continuous progression in my exciting journey through Life.

Within My Canvas I embody all of My Passion, My Dreams ,Beliefs,Desires and unique perspective of the world .My paintings exude confidence and convey plenty of attitude wish also defines Me .

I have been so fortunate to have never lost the “Little Girl” in me. To be able to see through the eyes of a child and embrace the wonderment, detail , nuances and beauty that surround us is a gift . To shape this magnificent moments, visions and ideas into the canvas to share them is nothing less than overwhelming … and pass it on to others it is very satisfying ...


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