No one benefitted more from the Spice Route than the early perfumers. Prior to the opening of the spice trade, perfumers in Europe were using the materials available to them, mostly herbs and some locally growing flowers, to create the fragrances of the day. The explorations of Africa, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the West Indies garnered fragrant spices, resins and balsams that created an olfactory palette that would create an industry.

In this beginner’s workshop we’ll delve into the discoveries of the early explorers and learn about resinous frankincense, rich vanilla bean, piquant saffron and voluptuous sandalwood. You’ll gain a basic understanding of the sense of smell, the history of perfume and learn how to blend these precious oils into your own bespoke perfume. The process harkens back to a time several centuries past when these materials became available (long before synthetic scent molecules were invented in laboratories). Each participant will leave with two bottles of perfume.


Julianne Z.
When I was a child my mother had a huge garden and she was very generous with it and let me do whatever I wanted in it. I was always gathering flowers, drying blossoms, conjuring scents and mixing potions so it’s not surprising that I grew up to become a natural perfumer, professional herbalist and aromatherapist. I'm the sole proprietor of my own company, Alchemologie Natural Perfumes, and for years have been handcrafting artisanal, aromatic and therapeutic remedies and elixirs for a wide variety of ailments. My perfumes are carefully crafted from the purest elements of nature. I've trained with Michael Scholes, Jeanne Rose and Mandy Aftel and am a certified aromatherapist as well as a licensed massage therapist and meditation teacher. My products are handmade in my studio atelier in Brooklyn, NY.

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