In this beginner’s class we’ll explore the Fougere, a fragrance family that came into fashion towards the end of the 19th C.  The word means fern, which makes it a fantasy category seeing how ferns don’t really have a fragrance.  Fougere’s are meant to smell like the forrest floor and, to my understanding, must have three ingredients: lavender, oakmoss and a coumarin note (found in tonka bean, hay, sweet clover, etc.).  Often herbs like geranium, linalool rich rosewood and more assertive notes like patchouli are added but it’s the careful consideration of the other ingredients that makes the fougere your own.

We’ll sample many perfumes including the original Fougere Royale and Jicky – the vanguards of the classification –  along with samples from some of the best natural perfumers working today. You’ll be choosing from materials like tonka bean, sweet clover, concretes of lavender, geranium and clary sage, several lavender absolutes and essential oils, cedarmoss, cassia and ho wood.  You’ll have the opportunity to create two perfumes.


Julianne Z.
When I was a child my mother had a huge garden and she was very generous with it and let me do whatever I wanted in it. I was always gathering flowers, drying blossoms, conjuring scents and mixing potions so it’s not surprising that I grew up to become a natural perfumer, professional herbalist and aromatherapist. I'm the sole proprietor of my own company, Alchemologie Natural Perfumes, and for years have been handcrafting artisanal, aromatic and therapeutic remedies and elixirs for a wide variety of ailments. My perfumes are carefully crafted from the purest elements of nature. I've trained with Michael Scholes, Jeanne Rose and Mandy Aftel and am a certified aromatherapist as well as a licensed massage therapist and meditation teacher. My products are handmade in my studio atelier in Brooklyn, NY.

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