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Need a break from the mundanity of daily life in the city we love so dearly? Join me in the park for a couple hours of poetry writing. We focus on therapeutic writing prompts that intertwine us with nature and bring us back to our bare humanity.   


Tools Supplied:

– Clipboard

– Pen & Pencil

– Lined Paper & Blank Paper

– Individualized Writing Prompts

– Picnic Blanket 

– Water

– Wine (for 21+ Writers)

– Light Snacks

– End-of-Seminar Gift (it’s a “goody bag”)


I look forward to seeing you in the park! 



Courtney M.
My company, The Cocktail Parlor, is a bakery hosting desserts inspired by classic and modern cocktails. We strive to bring the renaissance of the cocktail industry to a new realm: the edible cocktail. From an Old Fashioned or Negroni cupcake, to a Dark & Stormy or Rob Roy cookie, each resembles it's cocktail elder in dessert form.
It is our goal to maintain the vitality and romanticism of the cocktail industry, one new confectionery at a time.

Outside of my company, I'm a creative writer with years of experience and several publications. From poetry to nonfiction, from fiction to copywriting,

I look forward to talking, writing, cocktailing, and baking with everyone who joins my workshops.

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