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Blini / Blinchiki are thin, crepe-like pancakes from Russia. They are my absolute favorite breakfast, brunch, buffet item to serve and eat. They can be referred to by different names in different parts of Russia and in different households. Blinchiki can be served stuffed, with savory, or sweet fillings. I prefer to serve them family style assorted sweet and savory filling so everyone can pick and choose their own, folleding or rolling the finished blini.

In this class we will make a batter from scratch, and cook them on the stove and eat them with different filling and toppings. Some of my favorite sweet toppings are; sour cream, condensed milk, assorted fruit jams, honey, fresh berries, banana, and Nutella. We will also talk about savory options that would go great with these buttery crepes.

I grew up eating them and have been making them for a number of years now. My friends and family love seeing a stack of these at the table! Come learn so you can share these with your family and friends !


Anastassia B.
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Born in St.Petersburg, Russian, the great granddaughter to a famous Russian cook trained by French Chefs.
Found her passion cooking for friends and family at an early age before going to Culinary school
in NYC. I love shopping at farmers market wherever I might be cooking, using local and in season ingredients. Also love sharing my travels with all through food.
I love all cuisines, with focus on Russian, Persian, and Jewish kitchens.

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