Raise your hand if you love pinterest, and like/pin diy skincare recipes on a daily basis, then get intimidated (…or lazy!) and never follow through. Well, here’s your chance for redemption! 45 fun-filled minutes of exposure to every day ingredients and natural beauty tips.

We will explore ingredients that you would normally purchase in grocery store isles, mix them, and create scrubs, masks, and concoctions that you can easily reproduce at home.

Take home your creations, pop a bottle of bubbly, call a girlfriend or get Magic Mike on Netflix going, and let the DIY spa-night begin!

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Ramona E G.
loved it looking forward to another one
5 / 5


Ilaria T.
5.00 / 5
Both born and raised in the Italian countryside, my hubby and I moved to New York in 2011 to pursue our entrepreneurial, and artistic dreams.
After a few years of an intense-all-over-the-place actress-life, I needed to scratch the itch for having a stable job that I was in control of, while pursuing my dream.
Then we got a dog...and things got even more hectic! Entrepreneurship had to be the way to go.
I combined my passion for cooking, food, aromas, and fresh ingredients, into a newly discovered passion for making my own skincare products. The reason? I wasn't willing to pay the prices of the beauty industry, to purchase stuff that still had harmful ingredients. Sounds familiar?
I started BODY STUFF, a NO BS skincare line, as a mean to voice my fed-upness with the greenwashing, and the BS surrounding the skincare industry, while serving as my creative outlet, too. My vision is to create a whole NO BS-lifestyle brand, that unveils the truth, and destroys the myths carried on by the beauty industry, for a happier, fuller, simpler life. Italian style.

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