Tools and supplies includedJewelryNot for children under 10Easy

Come and choose from 2 necklace designs, and then create your own!

I will bring polymer clay beads that I have made myself, along with all the supplies and tools needed. Just show up and leave with your own handmade necklace. Then when your friends admire your latest piece of jewelry you can brag a little… “I made it myself”!

Todays introduction is too short to make the polymer clay beads from scratch but you can sign up for another one of my workshops and I’ll show you how!


Sophie L.
I am half Pakistani and half French and have lived in the U.S. now almost half of my life. My day job is to help companies learn about other cultures so they can do international business more efficiently.
I love meeting new people, especially when I can learn from them (as in, always!) and I get a lot of joy from matching and combining colors (since I was 2 and picked out my outfits). Creating polymer beads allows me to come up with all kinds of interesting palettes, and I can then highlight them with arrangements of beads from my (too large) collection. Come try it out, it's very therapeutic and satisfying!
In other news, I live in NJ with my husband, our 2 teenage boys and and 3 cats.

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