Expertainer guidelines

These guidelines seek to support Keenobby Expertainers in defining and creating their listing, as well as planning and hosting their activities. The guidelines are non-exhaustive, non-regulatory and do not replace Keenobby terms of service and privacy policy.

Understand Keenobby

Keenobby is a peer-to-peer platform for talented and passionate people to host, share and enjoy fun learning experiences.  Whether you are a new or long-time Keenobby member, we encourage you to carefully read our terms of service and privacy policy.Expertainers must respect all provisions of the Keenobby terms of service and privacy policy, and exert the highest levels of professionalism, responsibility and respectful conduct before, during and after their activities.Expertainers must feel comfortable to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with diversified groups of people. Good teaching and interpersonal skills are critical to host successful Keenobby activities.

Define your activity

Take the time to think about the activity you would like to host, based on your passion, talent, skills and motivations. Be true to yourself and your passions, Be consistent with yourself; don’t make up something you are not familiar or comfortable with. If you are passionate about what you do, there is no doubt your activity will be a great success.Once you have decided on the activity you want to host, you should define its content. It is very important to describe the content of your activity in details, step by step. Participants are more likely to book activities with clear and detailed information. In your description, don’t forget to highlight what people will learn, what they will be doing and how. Try to be creative and original to make your activity as unique as possible – unique events get more visibility and have higher chances of RSVPs.

Submit your listing

When creating your listing on Keenobby, you are requested toplease you are requested to specify the following:

  • Size of the group: make it practical and manageable. Interactions with and among participants are more difficult in bigger groups. You must be able to give equal attention to each participant. The size of the group should not exceed the capacity of your venue.
  • Price per person: it should be profitable for you, yet reasonable and affordable to most people.
    Tip: to set the right price for everyone, make a list of all the costs you might have to bear, such as equipment, materials, venue rental, food, beverage, etc.
  • Venue: it must fit the activity. You have several options, including at home, your professional studio, a third party venue, outdoor, etc. Please make sure the venue you select is consistent with your prior agreement to the Keenobby terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Pictures: A Remember, a that “one picture is worth a thousand words”.  The visual of your listing can make the difference. It is not the quantity but the quality of visual elements that matters most. Use relevant pictures in high resolution that well illustrate the activity you are leading.

When you are ready, submit your listing to our team through your Keenobby dashboard. All listings are reviewed before going live. If your listing is approved, it will be posted on Keenobby. If our team has questions or requires further information, we will contact you shortly.

Schedule & promote your sessions

As soon as our team has approved your listing, you will receive a notification. You can then start to schedule your first sessions.Consider scheduling more than one session to provide more options for people that are interested in your activity.Do not hesitate to schedule more than one session as it gives more options to people interested to attend your activity.Engage people in your network and tell them about your listing(s) and upcoming sessions on Keenobby. Share your listing through social media and invite your followers, friends, family, customers and co-workers to attend some of your sessions.  They are likely to support you and see your performance as Expertainer! From our side, we will also help spread the word about your profile, listing(s) and next sessions.When you receive inquiries about your listing and upcoming sessions, be as responsive as possible. We encourage Expertainers to reply within 24 hours. Be aware of fraudulent inquiries, and refrain from sharing any private information.

Prepare your activity

Before the activity takes place, use the Keenobby online messaging system to provide your guests with all relevant information about transportation, access to the venue, necessary gear, etc. The more communication, the better.  Your attendees will arrive excited and ready to go!If your activity is indoors, dedicate enough time to organize, decorate and set up the space so that everyone feels comfortable. Anticipate and prepare all the specific materials, utensils and ingredients necessary for your activity. Make sure to verify the general quality of all gear provided. Each workstation should be ready for your participants when they arrive.

Tip: Prepare a short overview of your activity on paper that you can distribute to participants.

Lead your activity

The time of your session has come: Get the best out of you and your guest!Welcome each participant as they arrive .When all participants have arrived, let them introduce themselves and the reason why they are attending your activity. Following this little ice-breaking, it is important to introduce yourself, your story and your passion. Remember, Keenobby activities are, first and foremost, human experiences: participants want to know YOU!At the start of the activity, explain to participants the different steps you are going to take them through. If appropriate, you might wish to display clear instructions (on a tablet or any screen, or on a paper sheet, notebook, postcards, etc.) – participants could refer to these instructions throughout the activity without disturbing the others.During the activity, please remember to:

  • Dedicate equal attention and time to all attendees
  • Support attendees who might be facing difficulties
  • Use a gentle and professional tone of voice
  • Show a responsible yet pleasant and positive attitude
  • Maintain a warm and friendly ambiance
  • Answer or try to answer all questions asked by the group
  • Offer additional tips and advice
  • Do your best to accommodate special requests from your guests
  • Take photos when appropriate during the class
  • Keep an eye on the clock and manage your time according to schedule

Wrap up and follow up

At the end of your activity, spend the last 5 minutes for a Q&A session. Don’t forget to thank and congratulate all participants. If possible, take a group photo which you can then share with them and post on social media.Encourage attendees to leave a review and rating of your activity on the Keenobby website. Invite them to share on social media and spread the word around.If participants are expected to take home something they have produced during your activity, please make sure to wrap it up properly and provide adequate and easy-to-carry packaging.Wait until every participant is gone before cleaning. If you notice that somebody dropped or forgot something at the venue, please keep it with you. Contact either the person directly (if you know who this is) or our customer support service.

Tip: Write down your impressions and lessons learned from the activity. These will be useful to improve and do even better at your next session.