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I Love Italian Food- Eat good, learn how, and experience in full!
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About Francesca

I am Francesca and from Rome. I am an animal lover, a passion seeker, and a believer of the legend where Wine is considered a "youth potion."

My paternal grandparents came to Rome from Libya, and as a child, I was often in the kitchen with my grandmother who was an avid cook, and a master in combing classic Italian and Arabic dishes.
She influenced my mom cooking skills, and she learned to fuse three different Italian old cooking schools: Arabic, Roman, and Tuscans. I grew up eating Italian food mixed with international spices and unusual cooking techniques. Which unexpectedly ended affecting my career.
I am a New Yorker, a food enthusiast and self-appointed ambassador of my beloved Italian cuisine.
Through my years in NYC I developed this idea, in sharing with others all I know about food and why as Italian, I care so much about it.
I Love Italian Food is my brand, and it represents my world of travel, cooking, eating, drinking! But, It also represents the "Passion," the essential ingredient for a perfect dish!!