Pascale R.

Montréal, Québec
Into handcrafted Cheese and Vegan Cheese !
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About Pascale

Hi there !

I'm the co-fonder of U MAIN (

Since 2015, me and my husband, Max, make cheese making kits in Montreal so you can make your own delicious artisanal cheese at home.

Max and I met in Bolivia in 2009, than we lived together in Mexico. In 2012, when we moved to Montreal (Quebec, Canada), where I am from. We found cheese was expensive and not always tasty. Both being passionate with cooking and after working on an a little vineyard in BC, we started to make our own cheese at home based on Max's mother recipes, Lupita, who had made cheese during Max's childhood.

Our friends we're so curious about the process and found our cheeses so delicious, we decided to launch U MAIN - a project that aims to re-humanize our relationship with food in contrast with its always growing industrialized process. Our cheese making kit Ricotta & Queso Blanco is based on Lupita's recipes. We then made a lot more varieties. Our latest kit being a vegan cheese making kit.