Ryan F.

Brooklyn, NY
Artist working in photography and sculpture

About Ryan

I am an artist and curator based in Brooklyn, NY, a California native and a graduate of New York University. My work is a unique blend of photography and sculpture through a variety of forms including light boxes, installation and performance.

A recent installation of my work, Bergen Street Windows, combines two iconic American landscapes: a historic Brooklyn block and the mythologized, singular terrain of the Southwest. It is part of an ongoing body of work in which Frank creates faux views within building windows, transforming a familiar urban scene into one that is picturesque, idyllic, and spatially transformative.

A window is multi-functional — it is a barrier and an opening; an exposure to public view and an enclosure of private space; a frame through which we see out and an entry point for natural light to enter. It is at its core an intersection of the natural and the man-made, the point at which interior and exterior meet.

Pedestrians walking down Bergen Street will be given a unique view of a monumental landscape, as one would hiking along a trail or driving along a scenic two lane road. Images of bright red rocks and vibrant blue skies are framed along a sequence of urban windows and doorways, creating a visual contrast between two distant, yet metaphysically related, environments. Frank has worked in his studio at the Invisible Dog Art Center since 2013 and he passes these windows every day. Bergen Street Windows is his offering to the local community, a back-lit, dynamic, highly accessible visual intervention for his fellow urban citizens.

Bergen Street Windows is viewable on the northern side of Bergen Street between Smith and Boerum Place. It is on view 24/7 and will continue through the end of December, 2017. The artist will be leading a tour of the installation on Saturday, October 21st and Sunday October 22nd at 6pm.