Lisa R.

Hertfordshire, England.
Textile designer and Mother.
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About Lisa

A complete textile lover! I was trained in Brighton, England. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Woven textile design, but also trained in print and surface textile design. I have over 20 years textile experience having worked in Italy, London and New York.
After deciding to have children I put my career to one side. But my heart has always longed to be working with and designing textiles one way or another. Over the past 4 years i have been working with the Japanese resist dye technique known as Shibori. It began as a way for me to unwind and have some escapism from the day to day routines of little children.
Quickly I became addicted to working with natural indigo dye and the Shibori technique. Indigowares was born out of a need for me to chase my creativity but also a way for me to be at home for my children, pick them up from school everyday and see them grow. I'm hoping to create the best of both worlds. It is an ever evolving existence as my children grow and Indigowares becomes more recognised as an established creator of traditionally made Shibori textiles.