Carol M.

My home is in Manitowoc, Wisconsin but I also spend time in South Carolina where my husband is currently working.
Always creating and always adding my twist.

About Carol

Hi there! My name is Carol and I am the owner of HappenstanceByChance. I create canvas art prints and custom pet portraits from photos.

I have always been a creative and I have always tried to figure out how I could add a twist to my art, yearning to be just a little bit different and special.

Over the years there have been many art classes and many creative endeavors. For example I designed and created handmade wedding invitations by making my paper with a cotton pulp mixture. I also designed and sewed messenger bags and purses from large recycled billboard signs. Always creating and always adding my twist..

My art has definitely evolved over the years. Most recently, I’ve fallen in love with digitally altering my photographs. I love getting into “the zone” and using my photos to create canvas prints without using paints and brushes. (I really enjoy painting with paints and brushes but I admit I’m not very good at it.) When I’m digitally altering a photo, I can possibly have 10-20 (or more) different images to choose from. I can choose from the look of an oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, pencil sketch, pop art, abstract and black and white. The beauty of digitally altering a photo is that you can easily “undo” your edits and start over if it doesn’t work for you.

I take my photos and digitally alter them to create something special, with a creative twist. I alter my photos to give them artistic details that can be subtle like a painting or bolder with a pop art style. The photos are then professionally printed on canvas.

I also take your favorite photo of your pet to create a one of a kind pet portrait. I love creating each pet portrait. Every pet is so loved and it is so important that I try to capture their personality in the portrait. It is amazing how each portrait makes me smile and tugs at my heart strings. Whether I am working on a new puppy, kitten or pony or a senior pet and especially a pet that has gone to heaven, I love them all!

My business name is HappenstanceByChance. The definition of "HAPPENSTANCE" is a coincidence or circumstance, especially one that is due by CHANCE. I am a huge believer that things HAPPEN for a reason and that certain people come into our lives for a reason. It's a beautiful thing and I hope that those that HAPPEN into my shop will take a CHANCE on my art.

I currently have an Etsy shop ( and I am in the process of designing my own stand alone website. It's a lot of work but loving every minute!