Bebe F.

Brooklyn, NY
Working and playing in clay...
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About Bebe

I'm Bebe Federmann, the designer and ceramic artist behind Soul Vessel Designs. My modern aesthetic is based on traditional forms and techniques, and my work is strongly influenced by the technical sophistication, and stylistic range, of asian ceramics.

I enjoy looking for ways to keep my pieces simple and functional while still creating unique modern designs. I strive to use the least amount of resources while still creating a body of work that has appealing forms, colors and textures. All of my tableware and home decor shares one common trait; to enhance the joy of eating, drinking and celebrating the home.

Soul Vessel Designs specializes in functional ceramics that are made to be used, whether it is for a special gathering or as your everyday tableware. Made in small batches, and limited editions, these handmade wares are created to make the home, and rituals of mealtime, more beautiful and meaningful.