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About Ariel

"I want to share with you the peace, beauty, and strength I have discovered within from my personal cultivation practice, and do so via my favorite language: handcrafted jewelry. Each piece of my jewelry is a piece of my soul, and represents the courage and dignity of faith."

The jewelry you make in this DIY class is from Yun Boutique.

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Christian C.
It was a very nice experience, especially that it was complex enough for me to feel that I actually built something and easy enough for me not to mess it up.

Ariel was very calm and encouraging, and corrected the small mistakes that I made on my earrings (that I offered to my very pleased wife).

What I would like to have is a bit more supportive document to keep, beside the business card, with a list of the items that I used, their names (especially for the stones). For all who are offering the jewwely item, it is nice to have a branded card "I built this earrings for you, certified by Ariel T), combining brand recognition and creating a perfect present.

Note that the yellow bag was really nice to have too.
5 / 5